August 7, 2022

Useful Hacks to Organize Baby Clothes

It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world to be a parent. Your world changes when you have a baby. You also have to adapt to their eating habits and sleeping patterns. Although it’s a joy to have a child, raising one is not an easy task. This journey will be easier if you have a storage strategy and organize all your baby things.

It will make it easier to find things and reduce clutter in your baby’s closet by keeping their clothes organized. Baby clothes outgrow quickly, so you’ll need to make room for new clothes and not throw away old clothes. You are in the right place if you’re a new dad or mom who finds it hard to organize all those tiny pajamas and bodysuits.

Baby Closet Organization – Important Tips

Many closets have too much space and are not efficient. These are some smart tips for organizing baby clothes in closets:

1. Find baby clothes

It is a well-known fact that babies have clothes sized for their age from birth to the first year. Even if they don’t buy them, friends and family will gift them oversized clothes.

It is best to divide clothes according to size and age. This will make it easy to find larger clothes and prevent you from losing them.

2. Flexibility is key

Maximize the vertical hanging space in your closet. To make the most of this wasted space, you can use a rod doubler or a custom closet system. To make it easy to find clothes, you can add drawers. These drawers can be labeled. Stacking drawers offer great flexibility.

3. Divide the existing space

Organizers are a great way to maximize the vertical space on shelves. These can be used to stack up bodysuits, tees and shoes. These are great for storing clothes your baby has yet to wear. These organizers should be labeled.

You can make your organizers and dividers if you don’t wish to purchase them. Use cardboard to cut into pieces and divide a drawer into four to six equal sections. These sections can be used for different types of clothing. Foam core board is also a good option for dividing.

4. Make use of the doors.

You can increase nursery storage by making use of the space at the back of closet doors. Racks can be added to the doors to hold hair accessories and hats. These racks can hold toys or diapers. These over-the-door organizers have pockets that can be used to store diapers and washcloths.

5. Clothespins are a great idea.

Clip hangers are not something you should spend a lot on. Instead, invest in a set of clothespins. Clothespins can be used to organize two-piece clothing. Clip skirts or pants to the bottom of your hangers.

6. Hang your shoes from a rail

It can be not easy to find the right shoes for your child. You can reduce the pain by changing your toddler’s shoes from a closet rail using curtain rings. If all other rods are in use, you can put an inexpensive rod in your closet.

7. Use ornament boxes and baskets.

Baby clothes are usually sold in sets, which can include jumpsuits, dresses and onesies. It can be not easy to find the right pair of clothes when you have thrown everything into one or more dresses. Ornament baskets are a great solution. These boxes have small square sections that will perfectly fit tiny baby clothes.

Let’s face facts! Baby’s clothing needs are not limited to jumpsuits, dresses and onesies. They also need bibs and hats as well as socks, socks, and mittens. It is also important to arrange blankets and towels. In such situations, baskets are a great option. Baskets are available in many sizes and shapes so that you can match them with any clothing.

8. Be prepared and make use of any existing dresser.

It will be much easier to keep a box labeled at the bottom of your closet for each size and type of clothing. You can store all your outgrown clothes in these boxes to make it easy for future children, garage sales, or donations.

A dresser that is not being used to its full potential can be a great storage solution for baby clothes. This is a great way to organize baby dressers by labeling each drawer with chalkboard paint. When your baby is older, they can paint the dresser as they like and store their art and crafts supplies. All art and craft shops carry chalkboard paint.

There are other ideas you can use to arrange baby clothes.

You can organize your child’s clothes in more than just closets and dressers. Continue reading to learn about other storage options, including floor and wall storage.

1. Shelves

To make it easier to organize your baby’s clothes, add a few shelves to the nursery wall. To create a small closet, attach a dowel to one or more of these shelves. You can hang it anywhere you have enough space. To match the nursery decor, you can paint the shelf and dowel.

This setup works well for small babies. When your baby is older, you can replace the dowel with pegs and hang jackets or hoodies with them.

2. Clothespins, and more Clothespins

Little girls should have the right hair accessories! You don’t need to buy a lot of hair accessories until you are a certain age. A headband is all that is needed to accessorize little girls’ hair.

You can match headbands in a variety of colors and styles. Most babies have at least one matching headband for every item in their wardrobe. It can be not easy to keep so many headbands.

A clothespin rack will make your life easier. Attach clothespins to a smooth wood panel. Each of the clothespins can be used to hang headbands. To brighten up your room decor, color the wood panel and the clothespins in bright colors.

3. Hang Hair Bows

This hack requires only chicken wires and an old frame from a thrift shop. To make a rustic hair bow organizer:

  1. Remove the frame from the back.
  2. Cut the wires to fit the frame.
  3. Staple them to its back.
  4. It’s time to hook up.

This is a unique way to maximize storage space. Even though they are small, sturdy hooks can hold quite a bit of weight. These hooks can be used to hang knitted baskets. They can also be used to store diapers and other necessities for your baby. Canvas bags can also be used to store towels, blankets, toys and other items.

4. Create your cardboard boxes

You can make your storage bins if you don’t have the money. You will need hot glue, cardboard, and patience. Online videos can be helpful. These cardboard boxes can be used to store small and lightweight baby clothes and accessories. To match your nursery decor, decorate the boxes with printed fabric.

5. Use Wire Baskets

Aren’t we talking about baskets already? It is not uncommon to use baskets to organize clothes. It is common to use baskets to organize clothes. But how many of us have ever thought of attaching such a basket or baskets on a nursery wall?

These baskets can be used to store diapers and everyday clothes. These baskets can be decorated with string lights to double as decor accents.

6. Rolling Cart

You can use a metal rolling cart for many other purposes, including storage of baby stuff. These carts are great for storing your baby’s blankets, onesies, shoes, and other small items. You can store accessories for crafting once your baby is running.

You can buy rolling carts online or in stores. Spray paint the cart to match your nursery decor if you can’t find the right colour.

7. Bookshelf

You heard it! You can easily transform bookshelves into a baby room. This is only possible if you don’t have a closet to store your baby’s clothes.

You can easily find bookshelves. You can buy one at a local furniture shop or online. These shelves can be used to store baskets or boxes. A rod can be attached to hang clothes.

8. Toy Bins

Baby clothes can be organized using toy bin shelves. The bins can be labeled easily and can hold a lot of items together.

These bins can be used to store toys for your child as they grow up. Toy bins can be found in most furniture shops, online and brick-and-mortar.

9. Keep socks separate from the space under the crib.

One of the best ways to organize clothes on the floor is to use the space under the crib. You can watch a YouTube video to see how you can create a drawer under the crib. If you don’t have the time, you can use cardboard boxes or plastic bins to fit under the crib. If your baby is old enough to sleep on a bed, make sure it has drawers. You will have plenty of storage space for your baby’s clothes, toys, and linen. You can also add a few laundry bags to your hamper to store socks, bibs, etc.

These hacks and ideas will help you organize your baby’s clothes. Although it may not be possible to use all of them, you can choose the ones that you like best. This will help you keep your nursery tidy and clutter-free. All the best!

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