August 7, 2022

Simple and Fun Things to Do With a Toddler

It can be difficult to keep kids entertained. It is important to keep your children busy, but not on screens or gadgets. Keep your children busy with fun activities and spend quality time together.

How to entertain your toddler

Children have an inexhaustible amount of energy. They are quick to lose interest in everything you give them. To keep them interested, you will need to be creative.

Here are 40 fun, age-appropriate activities for toddlers. Some of these activities can be done by children with little supervision, while others require parents to supervise.

1. Noah’s Ark

You can fill your bathtub with stuffed animals, and then you will be ready to save the Earth in Noah’s Ark.

2. Car wash

Children love cars. Add some bubbles to the sink and you’re ready for your car wash game. This is a fun way to clean toys. You can also add other toys to the wash day.

3. Colorful water beads

You can buy colourful water beads from a dollar shop and let your child play with them. Tapioca is a safe option if you’re concerned about the beads getting in your mouth.

4. Rainbow Noodles

You can keep your child entertained and well-fed all at once. You only need spaghetti and food colour. Your children can make their own rainbow noodles by coloring spaghetti.

5. Melting Glaciers

Let your child melt the water by freezing it in balloons or bowls.

6. Little Palaeontologist

Children love dinosaurs. If you’re worried about how to help toddlers at home with their curiosity, freeze some dinosaur toys and make frozen eggs. Your little palaeontologist will be busy digging.

7. Cardboard Fort

You will need a cardboard box, creativity and a little imagination to create a fort for your little girl. Or use your imagination and help your prince rescue a princess trapped on the top floor guarded from a fire-breathing dragon.

8. Ice Popsicles Painting

To freeze water with food colours, add ice cream sticks. Now your little Picasso can paint with ice popsicles colour bars.

9. Sidewalk paint

Make a mixture of cornstarch and water. Add some food colour to the mix and let your child paint the sidewalk. You can also use colour chalks to make sidewalk scribblers.

10. Tunnels made of cardboard

Use cardboard tubes to make zig-zag tunnels along walls. Your child can then drop small toys from the top tube into a bin below.

11. Make Towers, and Knock Them Down

Your children will love to build towers of building blocks with you and then laugh as they take them down.

12. Indoor Treasure Hunt

You can hide their toys and allow them to search for the treasures by giving them simple clues and trails.

13. Explore Nature

Outdoor exploration is a great activity for a 2-year-old. In winter, you can build a snowman or make paper boats out of puddles during monsoons.

14. Take care of your animals

You can take your child to the lake to help with duck feeding, or to visit a local pet zoo to let him play with goats and calves.

15. Kite Flying

It’s a great day to teach your children the art of flying kites. Let it fly!

16. Orchard Pick Fruits

Take your kids to the orchards nearby and help them pick fresh fruits. This is a great way to teach healthy eating habits to your children.

17. Gardening

Your toddler should be introduced to gardening as early as possible. Fill their little sprinkle pots with water and let them pick the vegetables from the garden. Talk to your children about growing seeds.

18. Field Trip

You can enjoy a field trip, whether you’re looking for running or riding on a wagon cart. Take a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors.

19. Collect Leaves and Rocks

Your child can choose leaves of different sizes and shapes or make their own rock collection. Many of these can be used for art and craft activities.

20. Pram Walk

One of the most enjoyable things you can do with your 1 year old is to take a pram walk to the nearest park. Take in lots of fresh air and smile at strangers.

21. Children’s Museum

A membership to the local museum for children would be a wonderful idea. It will be a place you’ll visit more often than your imagination can handle.

22. Local Library

Join a local library to introduce your child to the world of reading. Spend time together reading books and encouraging your child to be a avid reader.

23. Sing and dance

You can play some nursery rhymes using the music player. Your little one can sing and dance along. Make an orchestra with your pots and pans.

24. Play Kitchen

Play pretend cooking with your children or invite them to join you in real cooking.

25. Host Tea Party

Get together some children from your neighborhood and have a tea party. You will serve snacks and drinks in teacups.

26. Decorate cookies

Let your child decorate cookies right out of the oven.

27. Art by hand

Your child can make his own handprints on paper, clothes, or a piece of playdoh.

28. Painting

Your child should learn how to paint with his fingers. To create unique artwork, give your child vegetable stamps.

29. Balloon basketball

Enjoy a game or basketball by blowing up a balloon.

30. Blow Bubbles

To blow bubbles, all you need is soapy water and straw.

31. Hula hoops

Enjoy some happy music and have some fun with hula hoops.

32. Blanket Tents

With just a few sheets and pillows, you can build a tent inside your child’s bedroom and pretend that you are camping.

33. Mail Letters

Your children can help you write letters to their grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives. Let them take their letters to the post office, and they will drop them in the mailbox.

34. Mirror-Mirror

Turn on the front camera on your phone and give it to your child. You’ll have something to send to anyone you can think of if you keep the recorder on.

35. Video Game

You can use this to help your younger sibling play video games, and you want to let your little one join the fun. You can simply take out the batteries and keep your child occupied for hours.

36. Let them play!

Lay down on the ground and let them run cars. Make a track with an old shirt. Allow your children to paint tattoos on you arms.

37. Slime and Playdoh

Playdoh and slime that are safe for children can be used to keep your child entertained for hours.

38. Laundry sorting

Your children can sort and place the laundry in the washer. You are getting your work done, and your children are having fun helping you.

39. Puppets

Hand puppets and finger puppets can bring your characters to life.

40. Box Artist

Your walls are precious. Allow your child to sit in a box, and then paint the inside.

You can do many other activities with your toddlers. Playing together can help build a strong bond between parents and children. These precious memories can be saved and captured with your camera.

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