August 6, 2022

How to garden with kids!

The benefits of planting a garden together with your kids are endless. Spend quality time with your children while you introduce them to a hobby that will last a lifetime. This is just one reason why a child’s garden is so great.

It’s time to get started gardening in Texas. Visit your local garden store to see what’s available. Everything is available and ready to be planted! Blackberry bushes or fig trees can be planted at the end of January.


Children who garden with their parents are not only creating a hobby for life, but also making them healthier. They get more vitamin D from the sun and fresh air than they do from their food. Having their hands in dirt also helps to boost their immunity.

Furthermore, your child can help to create a garden for their own enjoyment.

Studies show that children who garden have healthier eating habits and do better in science. Children love to see new life emerge from a seed. And, let’s face, children also enjoy getting muddy!

A children’s garden can be a wonderful way to teach science and education.

These are great ways to teach children to respect the natural environment.

Get out your seeds and your gardening gloves and enjoy some time creating a beautiful garden for your child.


How to Make a Compost Bin

Preparedness Mama shows you how to make a compost container. This will teach your children how to manage their waste. Your child’s garden will thrive if you have a compost bin.

DIY Watering can

This brilliant idea by A Child’s List can be used to recycle DIY watering containers. This idea works well for me! You can recycle, and I love any opportunity to reuse.

Garden Craft Project

This wooden spoon craft is perfect for plant markers. You can use them to decorate your garden or give them as gifts. This is a great garden craft idea! These are my favorite! These can be used indoors or outdoors in any space.

Rock Decorating Ideas

Y’all! These rock decorating ideas can be precious! These 10 Garden Decorating Tips for Kids from Your House & Garden will make your garden look great! This is a great way for kids to decorate their garden as unique as their parents. This will make outdoor seating areas look even prettier.

Edible Garden

Enjoy the fruits of your garden together! The edible gardening featured by at Home with Ali is a favorite. Although flowers are beautiful and can sometimes be edible, it is a great way to encourage your kids to grow their own vegetables and fruits. Your yard can be a wonderful place to find snacks with the right plants.

Moon Garden

These are just a few of the great ideas you have: Create a Moon Garden. As a child, I was able to have one of these. This was something my brother, and I loved to do with our mom every summer. These DIY projects will transform your flower beds.

Crafty Critters Club

These Crafty Garden Crites are perfect for your children to make with you. These are a great surprise to find in your child’s garden. They can be hidden daily so that your children have fun trying to find them while they are working in their gardens. These are great ways to make gardening fun for your kids and less work.

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