August 6, 2022

Fun Spring Art Projects For Kids

These spring art project will make your children so happy for the warmer season. Don’t forget your sweaters and jackets! Rain and fresh flowers are now available! These easy crafts and projects will be a hit with kids of all ages.


Spring is definitely worth celebrating. All that was once cold and barren is now warm and full of life.

The leaves are green and the grass softens. There are also flowers everywhere! These are some of the most fun spring art projects. They will be a hit with your kids and a great way to spend quality time together.


Spring Coloring Pages

These spring coloring pages are fun for kids to color if you want to keep things simple. You can find plants, butterflies, garden-gnomes and many other things!

Preschoolers Will Love This Dinosaur Egg Craft

This dinosaur egg craft is a great one for preschool children! For a fun afternoon craft, cover a paper-mache egg with tissue papers. This bright, colorful craft is great for spring. Mama Pea Pod.

Egg painting

What is Spring like? Easter! You can make an Easter egg painting using pom poms. Dip them in paint and press them onto your paper to form an egg shape. Sassy Dealz.

Spring Art Projects for Kindergarteners

Are you looking for spring art projects for kindergarteners ? This is a great idea! You can create three-dimensional spring art using shredded green paper as grass. This is great for older children.

Baby Chick Craft

What else is spring filled with? Baby animals! This baby chick craft will be a hit this spring! For the wings of a spring bird, dip your hands in yellow paint.

Egg Stamp

Use Easter eggs for crafting! You have leftover Easter plastic eggs? You can use your Easter leftovers as stamps to paint. This egg stamp craft is super easy and cute. Pastel colors are a great way to give spring a feel!

Carrot Painting

This adorable carrot painting is made by using orange paint and your fingers to make a carrot. This cute project is great for teaching kids about spring and can also be used as an Easter craft, since the Easter bunny likes carrots! Sassy Dealz.

Jelly Bean Art

You can create jelly bean art! To create paint, spray jelly beans with water. It does not make anything opaque; rather, it makes water paints look like jelly beans. This is a great way for jelly beans to be reused. This is one my favorite spring activities. Housing a forest.

Spring Painting

Create a stunning spring painting with toys! Fun Family Crafts’ little ducks and chicks can run through paint to create this art project.

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