August 6, 2022

Beautiful Butterfly Coloring Pages You Can Download & Print

These coloring pages of butterflies are eagerly waiting for your bright, happy and different colors! These butterfly coloring pages are free to download and print. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, and glitter and you’re ready to make beautiful butterflies pictures that will flutter in a breeze!


These coloring pages are free and feature simple butterflies with outlines in black. They’re great for younger children with fatter crayons and colored pencils with brighter colors.

Beautiful Butterfly Facts for Children

    • Butterflies are insects that can be found in almost every corner of the globe.
    • A butterfly is active during the day, fluttering its brightly colored wings and flitting.
    • You should never touch a butterfly as you might accidentally damage their delicate scales.
    • A butterfly will rest their wings vertically over their bodies when they rest.
    • Butterflies have club-tipped antennae.
    • There are four stages to their life cycle: egg, caterpillars, chrysalis, and adult.


This original collection of coloring pages for butterflies celebrates all things butterfly. It includes three pages featuring the beautiful insects.

The butterfly wings can be colored in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also use this digital download for a unique pattern to make your own butterfly wings. This is a great way practice fine motor skills.

Butterflies Flying Coloring Pages

Three fluttering butterflies fly around the sky on our first coloring page. Each one is unique with its own pattern wings. Each one could be colored in the same color or in a different palette. It is simple, but it has intricate designs on the wings of the butterfly.

Lots and Lots of Butterflies Coloring Page

This page is literally a page of butterflies printable! The beautiful butterflies will fly all over the page, creating a bright and vibrant picture. You will find so many color options that your children will love to color this page again and again. The unique butterflies are perfect for coloring.

Beautiful and Big Butterfly Coloring Page

The last coloring page features a single picture of a butterfly that fills the entire page. It is a large butterfly. The intricate details of the butterfly’s wings are beautiful to me. This coloring page is great for children of all ages and adults.

    • For younger children: Big fat crayons, washable markers and chunky colored pencils all work well.
    • For older children, you can use paint or be really imaginative with color palettes using colored pencils and crayons.
    • Adults – Spend some time relaxing and being creative in a soothingsand de-stressing way. Create a beautiful butterfly picture of your own by engaging in mindfulness activities that inspire creativity.

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